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8 best make-up brush cleaners
Keep your beauty tools free from dirt and bacteria with the help of an effective product
By Sarah Young - 8th February 2017

The Pro Hygiene Collection Makeup Brush Cleaner
£10, Feel Unique
Mild but effective, this cleanser was created for professional make-up artists but is a fuss-free, easy-to-use formula for beauty enthusiasts too. Fitted with a spray function, the cleanser is antibacterial and promises to kill 99.99 per cent of germs in just 60 seconds. To use, we found it worked best to spray the fluid directly onto a tissue or towel and wipe the brush until all product was removed. It’s super-powerful and dissolves all traces of residue, making it a must-have for your make-up bag.

What’s new in… MAKE-UP,
By Laura Husband - December 2016

THE PRO HYGIENE COLLECTION is a range of specially designed hygiene and sanitising products and it can be purchased online from the brand’s own website for the first time. The collection includes a make-up brush cleaner to sanitise natural and synthetic make-up brushes; an antibacterial make-up spray to sanitise make-up products; a make-up brush and sponge sanitising wash; an all-in-one make-up remover; and a hand sanitising gel. RRP from £7.75, The Pro Hygiene Collection,

“This range would be a good investment for your beauty counter as a two-year study on make-up testers found the Saturday beauty counter is contaminated with E.coli and herpes simplex virus.”

By PEACHES & PJS - 31st August 2015

Hands down, I'm lazy. Lazy with most things at home, cooking, cleaning, etc. If it requires me to move, then well you have no chance. At work, I'm completely opposite and the most helpful person you can meet. I seriously need help balancing the two! Cleaning makeup brushes can take forever, especially when you have a vast collection. So the solution is to find the quickest, easiest way to achieve clean, bacterial free brushes! & I think I have found it! The Pro Hygiene Collection Makeup Brush Cleaner is an antibacterial sanitizer, for natural and synthetic brushes. Simply spray the bottle directly onto your makeup brushes and wipe off with a tissue until the brush is clean. Leave for a couple of minutes, then hey presto clean, dry brushes ready to be used again! See how hassle free that is? I am totally impressed with this brush cleanser and true to the box, it is super quick and easy to do! One of the downsides I hate about washing your brushes with shampoo, is how long it takes for them to dry! With this spray, you can simply clean a brush and use it back on your face in a matter of minutes. Impressive if you ask me.

The Pro Hygiene Collection's Spray Kills 99.99% of Germs
By Laura McQuarrie - 2nd Febuary 2016

While there are many cosmetic products packaged in pots that can be applied with the fingertips, this often causes contamination and the transfer of germs and bacteria to the face—fortunately, products like the The Pro Hygiene Collection Antibacterial Makeup Spray can combat this. This spray can be applied to gels, creams, pencils, powders and more. Within about 60 seconds of the product being sprayed, it is effective in killing 99.99% of the bacteria that collects on the surface of makeup products. As well as being of essential to professional makeup artists who work on multiple clients, the Antibacterial Makeup Spray is useful for any makeup enthusiast concerned with cleanliness. For those who are interested in all-encompassing sanitization, this Antibacterial Makeup Spray is also sold as part of a multi-piece Pro Hygiene Collection kit, which also includes a makeup remover, sanitizing wash, hand gel and makeup brush cleaner.

Why you need to clean your make up brushes
By Aine Toner - 10th July 2016

Professional make up brushes are an investment. And, like any other investments we fork out a small fortune for, we expect a pretty decent return on these investments. So when it comes to our make up tools, there are more reasons than just money to ensure that happens. During use, our make up brushes collect dust, dead skin cells, oils, dirt and bacteria, which isn’t exactly what you want to be placing on your face when you’re already working hard to keep it healthy. If you suffer from acne or sensitive skin, it’s even more important that you keep on top of your brush cleaning. The bacteria that gathers on your foundation and powder brushes can cause your brushes to be rough which can irritate the skin. Ideally you should clean your brushes after every use, but if that’s not possible, try and get into the habit of cleaning them at least once a week. While baby shampoo is a great product to keep on hand to clean your brushes with, here are some of the many other special brush shampoos available on the market too. Pro Hygiene Collection Makeup Brush & Sponge Sanitizing Wash, €14, Cloud10 Beauty

By Kayleigh Johnson - 12th Febuary 2016

If you're a bit useless (like me!) when it comes to keeping your brushes clean and makeup hygienic, then I may have the answer. I was recently sent this Pro Hygiene Collection set which includes five handy products for any makeup lover. It probably doesn't seem like the most exciting of products but they come in so useful and are pretty essential if you wear makeup and use makeup brushes every single day. Or, if you're like me and love to do other people's makeup, this handy kit will ensure you're doing it hygienically. The set includes a Antibacterial makeup spray, makeup brush cleaner, all in one makeup remover and my favourite, a makeup brush and sponge sanitizing wash. Seriously, what more could you need to keep your makeup and brushes clean?! I love that it's all in one handy kit too - it keeps everything I'll need in the one place and is great for travelling. I'd say this is definitely an essential kit for any makeup artists looking to keep their brushes and makeup germ free! I love the packaging too - it's really sleek.

Beauty | The Pro Hygiene Collection
By Sarah Jayne - 24th January 2016

...Lately, I’ve been using The Pro Hygiene Collection to clean my brushes and my face. What I love about this collection is there’s a make-up brush cleaner and a make-up sponge wash, so I can get both my brushes and beauty blenders squeaky clean. I like to physically wash my brushes rather than spray and wipe, so after a few squirts and a rinse under some hot water it only took a matter of minutes to wash my full collection. I find sometimes that my foundation can be really stubborn to remove, so it usually takes a lot of cleanser and rubbing to get it out completely, however I found with The Pro Hygiene Collection it dissolved instantly. Once they’re dry, thanks to this collection, they don’t leave a greasy residue, which I’ve known to have with other brands. Plus, they have a gorgeous fresh, lemon clean kinda scent to them too. The make-up sponge cleaner really impressed me, as once I use my beauty blender I know it’s never going to be that shade of orange again. However, after just a couple of drops of the make-up sponge wash the foundation melted away, it actually looks brand new again! Once my brushes are all clean and left to dry, it’s time to remove my own make-up and jump in the bath. Now, I’ve tried make-up wipes and cleansing waters and they just don’t do it for me. In fact I found the cleansing waters really stung my eyes and skin, but I’ve been absolutely lovin’ The Pro Hygiene make-up remover. Simple and effective. After a few drops on a cotton pad and a few wipes my mascara and eye make-up is completely washed away. It really surprised me how easy this product takes off dark eye make-up, as normally this results in a huge pile of pads or suffer with panda eyes until I wash off the rest in the bath....

Beauty Insider
By Nadine Baggott - 11th January 2016

Pro Hygiene Collection Makeup Brush Cleaner, £8, from Kills bacteria in just 60 seconds. CLEAN UP. I confess that when I wash my make-up brushes, I tend to use soap and dry them on a hot radiator. But from now on, I intend to give them a thorough clean once a month and leave to air dry - they deserve the same respect I give my skin. There are two brush cleansers I really live - one for a thorough monthly clean; the other for a quick fix after letting someone else use them.

By Victoria Hall - 1st January 2016

Bazaar recommends: On-the-go cleaner: For those who want to spritz their brushes after each use, The Pro Hygiene Collection Make-up Brush Cleaner, £10, is a quick and easy way.

The Beauty Bible
The spring cleaning season may not yet truly be upon us – but as Beauty Bible we believe it’s never too soon to start keeping your make-up kit scrupulously clean, to prevent breakouts and cross-infections. Created in the UK, this range includes an Antibacterial Makeup Spray (ideal for powders, pigments, cream and gel products and lipstick bullets), a Hand Sanitizer (which kills 99.99% of bacteria) and an excellent, easy-to-use Makeup Brush Cleaner: simply spritz generously onto natural or synthetic brushes, then wipe on a Kleenex. If you ever share makeup with anyone this range is a godsend – but we think the spray-s a handbag must-have for beauty shopping expeditions, to eliminate the risk of picking up an eye or skin infection from in-store testers

Alice Hart-Davis’ Blog
What is it and what’s the USP? It’s a range of specially-designed hygiene and sanitizing products for make-up, beauty tools and hands. The range consists of three products: an Antibacterial Makeup Spray, a Hand Sanitising Gel and a Make-up Brush Cleaner. Hero product? The Antibacterial Makeup Spray – a unique and nifty little spray that can be spritzed onto eye-shadows, pressed and loose powders, creams, gels, lipsticks and pencils as well as all make-up tools and kills 99 per cent of germs.

Celebrity Makeup Artist

Thank you @ProHygieneUK for SAVING my cream carpet from bright red lipstick stains. AMAZING Makeup Remover. THRILLED

Bloomin' Rouge
I’ve mentioned The Pro Hygiene Collection® Brush Cleaner a few times in passing, but it seemed only fair to give it it’s time in the spotlight today. As I’m sure you’ve heard a hundred times before, cleaning your brushes is important, particularly when you’re struggling with breakouts. Bacteria builds up in them and the last thing you want to do to troubled skin in slap a load of bacteria back on your freshly cleansed ace. Weekly brush shampoos are a fantastic thing to do, but I like to clean up in between as well, which is where The Pro Hygiene Collection Brush Cleaner comes in.

In The Frow
You spritz this over your brush and immediately you can start to see the colour of the bristles start to change colour. It really is so powerful on removing makeup. You then rub the brush over a piece of kitchen roll, toilet paper or cotton pad, whatever you have lying around, and the colour will begin to come straight off the brush. A few more spritz's and your brush will be entirely clean, free of bacteria and ready to re-use without the hassle of waiting for it to dry. Hey presto, this may be the best thing since sliced bread. If you are forgetful when it comes to brush cleaning, then this is probably going to be your saviour too. V x

Nicholle Bartletts' Blog
As you can see, any product just melts out of the brushes and wipes straight off. It has a slight citrus scent but in general it smells… clean and professional (scent describing is not my strong suit). It dries within a couple of minutes and leaves your brushes soft and feeling brand new. I don’t know if it really does kill all that bacteria. But I know that I’ve had no breakouts since I started using this. After using this for the past couple of months, I have to say, it really does work. It’s a perfect product for spot cleaning your brushes after each use and with 240ml, it’s going to last quite a while. I recommend still deep cleaning your brushes once a week

Beauty Shelfie Blog
The Makeup Brush Cleaner cleans makeup brushes. I use this in-between makeup, when I don't have time to do a deep wash of my brushes. I use this instead. It takes off most of the makeup and sanitizes while doing so. You can use this to wash your makeup in a certain sense, but you'd be using a lot of product. So I suggest using separate product for wash, and this Makeup Brush Cleaner just for the in-betweens! The Antibacterial Makeup Spray is my fave! You spritz this on all on your beauty products-- powders, liquids, eyeshadows, and even mascaras. You spritz it once. Let it dry. It not only eliminates bacteria but prevents bacteria from growing.

The Black Pearl Blog
Keeping my makeup very clean and sterile is something I started paying more attention to when my skin went crazy and I decided to eliminate all bacteria that could aggravate it. You probably know that it’s important to disinfect your makeup, but do you actually do it? I got a bottle of this antibacterial spray before my first ever blog to make sure all the products are 100% clean and safe to use by another person. Obviously, it is a product I use most days as well and I think that everyone should own a bottle of it.

Charles Fox Ltd
The Pro Hygiene Collection is a brilliant new product range developed by professionals for industry professionals. “Our clients love the fact it does what it says on the tin and is not only great value, but looks great too.” Makeup artists love it and we are delighted to stock the collection.

Jackie Tyson
Makeup Artist

As a busy professional makeup artist with a large client base, keeping my products, brushes and kit clean has never been so easy. The Pro Hygiene Collection is genius and it does exactly what it says on the tin – I love it and … “couldn’t do my job without these fantastic must have products.”

Daniel Sandler
Makeup Artist

The Pro Hygiene Collection® Makeup Brush Cleaner is specially formulated to keep your make-up implements clean and free from bacteria. This convenient spray is mild but effective; sterilising bristles and preventing the spread of the germs that can linger on sponges and brushes. “Created for professional makeup artists btu perfect for all beauty enthusiasts,…” It’s a brilliant, hassle-free way to protect your skin whilst prolonging the life of your (often expensive!) tools.

Nadira Persaud
Makeup Artist

You wouldn’t consider licking a plate of food, then popping it back in the cupboard, would you? Good, I should hope not! So why leave your makeup littered with bacteria and grime! Here is the solution: The Pro Hygiene Collection® Antibacterial Makeup Spray a product you can spray onto your makeup to lower the risk of contamination. Some might say this is only relevant to us Pro’s but just think about how often you delve into your makeup bag to allow a friend to try your lipstick or when you quickly use an applicator or sponge to do a touch up… that is a lot of times, trust me, especially if you’ve never contemplated cleaning your applicators or brushes ever! “ Save yourself the risk of eye infections or nasty skin conditions and make the effort to clean up with just a quick spray”

Alyn Waterman
Makeup Artist

Alyn Waterman’s Five Favourite Things in 2013 = The Pro hygiene Collection’s Antibacterial Makeup Spray. An essential product to keep my make-up kit and tools hygienic. “Apply to pressed and loose powders, creams, gels, pigments, lipsticks and pencils. Kills 99.9% of germs…”Within 60 seconds of application without affecting product performance.

Nicci Jackson
Makeup Artist

I received The Pro Hygiene Collection and I have to say I am SUPER IMPRESSED! “The Makeup Brush Cleaner is wonderful. Non chemical smelling, quick drying, convenient to use and does the job in hand…” Also it looks super slick!! Love the lemon fragrance in the Hand Sanitising Gel and again quick drying. The Antibacterial Makeup Spray is genius for professionals working in the makeup and beauty industry and especially for pro artists, educators, makeup testers, and for home use – everyone who uses makeup should have this magic spray. They are WINNERS.

Mary Greenwell
Makeup Artist

As a busy international makeup artist, it’s wonderful to discover a new product line for makep artists that not only looks great, but really works. “I love The Pro Hygiene Collection and in particular the magic Antibacterial Makeup Spray that disinfects makeup, just genius,…” And the Makeup Brush Cleaner that even “gets the deepest colours out of my pro brushes.” Everyone should have this brilliant collection.

Dani Guinsberg
Founder and Tutor

Running a top makeup school in central London means hygiene is of the utmost importance to me and training my students professionally. “The Pro Hygiene Collection is amazing for killing virtually all bacteria and keeping our brushes and products super clean.” I won’t use any other brush cleaner now as I fully trust a “safe beauty” brand whole heartedly. It ensures that my students have the utmost training in hygiene before and after they leave us to become makeup artists themselves.

How Long Does Makeup Last? Here’s Why We All Need To Know When Our Beauty Products Expire
By Rosy Cherrington - 25th September 2015

Can’t bear to part with your limited edition MAC lippie? You can help stop germs spreading by spritzing products with an antibacterial makeup spray after use. We love Pro Hygiene Collection Antibacterial Makeup Spray, £15 from

By The Sunday Girl - 11th September 2015

I'm particular about keeping my make up brushes and hands clean, as am I sure many others are too? There are of course lots of options to keep both options well cleansed, with numerous products aimed at killing germs not only on the hands but the brushes too. If you are however on the look out for a do all, travel kit for personal or professional use, then look no further than The Pro Hygiene Collection Try Me Kit. A collection of five cleansers that tackle all traces of germs, bacteria and dirt not only on the hands, brushes but also the face too.

Spritz your make-up brushes
By Carly Honeyfield - 21st July 2015

Build-up on brushes and products is not only unhygienic it can also cause your make-up to streak. Spray The Pro Hygiene Collection Antibacterial Makeup Spray, £10 at, directly on to your favourite make-up [...] and it will kill 99.99 per cent of germs within 60 seconds – all without affecting the product’s texture or performance.

Share the load
By Katie Service - 8th July 2015

Double up your concealer brush with your lip brush to save space and cash (just make sure you clean it in between products with The Pro Hygiene Collection Makeup Brush Cleaner spray.

By Joanna Bridger - 18th May 2015

PERFECT for make-up hoarders, spritz this Pro Hygiene Collection Antibacterial Makeup Spray on your ancient eyeshadow compact or that limited-edition blusher you just can’t bear to part with, and it will kill 99.99 per cent of germs within 60 seconds – all without affecting the texture or performance of your product.

The Edit - Beauty Buzz
By Lauren Ezekiel - 10th May 2015

A whopping 72 per cent of us have never cleaned our make-up brushes. But although it can be a boring task, there’s chance that E. coli, herpes and other nasties are sitting in your cosmetics bag. Gross! Simply spritz The Pro Hygiene Collection Antibacterial Makeup Spray, £10, on to your brushes, powders, lipsticks and creams to fight 99.99percent of germs.

You beauty! The Cabinet of Wonders
By Annabel Rivkin - 24th April 2015

If you are vulnerable to eye infections, give your mascara wand a good wipe with The Pro Hygiene Collection’s Make-up Brush Cleaner to keep it going

So Fresh And So Clean Clean
By Hélène - 16th September 2014

I’ve never really been into the all brush-cleaning thing… But I guess no one really like spending hours doing it. So to add a little more fun in this process (yeah right), I wanted to give a shot to proper makeup cleaning products. I mean, I regularly buy antibacterial sprays, but that’s it, I use my shampoo to do all the remaining work. So I went for The Pro Hygiene Collection set. To be honest, I didn’t give a serious look at the products before putting them in my basket. Just liked the pretty serious - almost medical - packaging. And there were lots of products to test out. So there it is, I’ve tried them, and they are awesome!

The Beauty Bible
By Sarah Stacey & Jo Fairley - 28th January 2013

The spring cleaning season may not yet truly be upon us – but as Beauty Bible we believe it’s never too soon to start keeping your make-up kit scrupulously clean, to prevent breakouts and cross-infections. Created in the UK, this range includes an Antibacterial Makeup Spray (ideal for powders, pigments, cream and gel products and lipstick bullets), a Hand Sanitizer (which kills 99.99% of bacteria) and an excellent, easy-to-use Makeup Brush Cleaner: simply spritz generously onto natural or synthetic brushes, then wipe on a Kleenex. If you ever share makeup with anyone this range is a godsend – but we think the spray-s a handbag must-have for beauty shopping expeditions, to eliminate the risk of picking up an eye or skin infection from in-store testers

Bella Loves: Bella's Beauty Buzz
By Bella Blissett - 21st October 2012

IF BRUSHES COULD TALK… They’d scream...” “Clean me!’ We’re using Pro Hygiene’s Makeup Brush Cleaner...” on our beloved five-piece ecofriendly Bdellium Green Bambu Brush Set to sweep away spot inducing bacteria

The Pro Hygiene Collection
By Sam & Nicola - 9th October 2012

We all know that it's essential to have products in your kit to maintain hygiene. Brush cleanser, anti-bacterial hand gel and sanitisers are not as exciting in your kit as a palette of beautiful eyeshadows but none the less just as important. The Pro Hygiene Collection Brush Cleaner and sanitisers are not cheap but if it saves you from cross infection then we believe they are worth every penny.