Beauty hygiene box by The Pro Hygiene CollectionMUA Value Hygiene Box – complete hygiene products & consumables kit.


Value pack comprising essential hygiene products, tools and accessories for makeup artists, beauty brands, educators, makeup artists, beauty professionals and students ensuring high standards of hygiene for staff and customers at trade/wholesale cost.



Some of Our Clients

The Pro Hygiene Collection clients

Hygiene Boxes Direct


Direct to store, counter, college, salon or workplace

Makeup Artist Hygiene Box

Our MAKEUP ARTIST HYGIENE BOX includes all the essentials every working MUA or aspiring beauty student needs to work professionally while keeping themselves and their clients clean and safe.

You can mix and match the box selection to match your own individual needs by simply changing the quantities on the product page as long as the value meets the minimum order value of £45.22 saving you 35% against RRP!

The Pro Hygiene Collection direct to store beauty hygiene products

Store & Education Hygiene Box

The STORE COUNTER HYGIENE BOX is designed for larger cosmetic brands, academies and schools that require direct to store or business delivery and includes a comprehensive and complete range of hygiene products, tools and sundries from antibacterial quick-dry makeup brush cleaner to eco-friendly bamboo disposable applications helping to ensure staff, clients and students maintain the hightest level of hygiene easily and without fuss. 

Spa Hygiene Box

Our SPA HYGIENE BOX consists of waffled spa sheets, couch protectors, body towels, waffle hand mitts and much more. These spa essentials are single-use and environmentally friendly as the range is 100% biodegradable.  In addition to the spa essentials, we supply a wide range of complementary hygiene products and sundries from antibacterial hand sanitiser and surface cleaner to all in one makeup remover, micellar water cleanser, cotton pads, tissues and spa wear.


Created by industry professionals with a simple vision

“To make it simple to keep beauty brands, clients and makeup users professionally and hygienically clean.  Makeup and beauty is a pleasure, let’s make sure it’s never a worry.”

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What the Experts Say

Used and loved by professionals since 2009.

Why?   Because The Pro Hygiene Collection® does what it says on the tin.

I find sometimes that my foundation can be really stubborn to remove, so it usually takes a lot of cleanser and rubbing to get it out completely, however I found with The Pro Hygiene Collection® it dissolved instantly. Once they’re dry, thanks to this collection, they don’t leave a greasy residue, which I’ve known to have with other brands. Plus, they have a gorgeous fresh, lemon clean kinda scent to them too.

Sarah Jayne

Beauty Bible

This range would be a good investment for your beauty counter as a two-year study on make-up testers found the Saturday beauty counter is contaminated with E.coli and herpes simplex.

Laura Husband

Pure Beauty

The Pro Hygiene Collection® is amazing for killing virtually all bacteria and keeping our brushes and products super clean. I won’t use any other brush cleaner now as I full trust a “safe beauty” brand whole heartedly.

Dani Guinsberg

International Makeup Artist


Proven Effective Trusted


Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses*


Quick, safe and easy to use






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