About The Pro Hygiene Collection®

Makeup should be fun, creative and inspiring. But it should also be clean and safe. You shouldn’t have to worry about picking up a nasty bacterial infection when you put on your lipstick or mascara in the morning or when getting ready for a special occasion.

But, without sanitised makeup products, brushes, tools and accessories, that’s exactly what could happen, especially when applying to unclean skin, eyes and face.

The Pro Hygiene Collection® is the first complete beauty hygiene range of specially-designed products for cleaning and sanitsing makeup, tools and accessories and is for both personal use and by makeup and beauty professionals, helping keep you and the industry professionally clean.

The Pro Hygiene Collection® offers a complete 360 degree beauty hygiene solution for brands, professionals and consumers.  We are the experts and deliver professional, quality, trusted and proven products

The Pro Hygiene Collection® “does what is says on the tin”

Created by industry and business professionals because we believe Clean Is Beautiful®.

Volume Pricing & Contract Services
We offer volume contract pricing for companies and beauty brands for hygiene services in-store and direct to warehouse or partner service providers as well as large refill eco-friendly options.  To discuss your business’ requirements please email n.slade@beautyscienceuk.uk