“Double-dipping” – it’s a real no no for all makeup artists

What is “double-dipping“?

And, why is it important for the makeup artists, beauty professionals and beauty brands at counter and for their clients?

“Double-dipping” means reloading the same mascara wand or makeup applicator by dipping it into the tube of product more than once which results in cross-contamination of both products and customers. And it’s not just makeup the term applies to. Think about waxing, facials and other beauty treatments.

By their very nature, many makeup and beauty products provide prime breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus.  Combined with the fact a high percentage of germs are transferred by hands and it’s no wonder makeup application can be full of hidden dangers.

By following a strict beauty hygiene protocol that includes the correct use of disposable applicators, ensuring hands are germ-free and by using the right hygiene products and sanitised beauty tools, makeup artists and the industry can dramatically reduce the risk clients are exposed.

The Pro Hygiene Collection® offers a 360 degree solution for the industry to support existing hygiene protocols through our  extensive range of eco-friendly makeup disposables,  tools, accessories and sanitising products for use in training, at events and at the beauty counter for makeovers and product testers.

So, there’s no excuse not to be putting safe beauty protocols into practice to protect not just yourselves, but your clients too.



Avoid "double-dipping - never use use the original applicator on clients

Never use the original mascara wand to apply product to clients - it's a sure way to pass on germs

500ml bottle micellar water cleanser

As makeup artist professionals, using eco-friendly disposable applicators for mascara, lip gloss and eyeliner is essential to avoid "double-dipping"


How to avoid double-dipping.

Cut off the mascara wand/lip and eyeliner applicators from the new product as soon as your have purchased before popping in your kit.

By doing this, it means you have to use a disposable to apply to your client or, if you are a beauty brand on counter, it means customers cannot take the product and apply to lips, eyes, skin and pop the applicator back in to the tube leaving their bacteria to mix with whomever else has used the product before and be transferred to the next unsuspecting customer.

But cutting off the applicator, a disposable has to used and that helps minimise risk of cross-contamination.

But, remember, no double-dipping, otherwise if defeats the objective of using a disposable!!  To buy from our range of eco-disposable applicators click here and to find out more about The Pro Hygiene Collection’s makeup hygiene range including our makeup brush cleaners and makeup sanitiser click here.

Antonia Hawke

Founder & Creator, The Pro Hygiene Collection


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