Brush cleaning & sanitising made quick and easy for professional makeup artists

We know, as makeup and beauty professionals, just how important it is to keep your makeup brushes clean, sanitised and germ free.  Not only is it essential in terms of ensuring your clients are not catching anything nasty, but there are more reasons to keep brushes squeaky clean than just the obvious hygiene ones.  As a pro artist or a beauty professional working on counter, cleaning brushes between each and every client is the number one hygiene rule along with keeping your makeup products germ-free.

Makeup brushes, whether made from synthetic materials or from natural hair, can be expensive and as makeup artists, your makeup kit will probably have a bag full of brushes of every shape and size including your favourites.  There will be brushes from days gone by that you can’t get hold of any more as well as more recent buys.

Here are our tip tips for brush cleaning for makeup professionals:

Squeaky clean between each and every client: ensure you have enough of our quick-dry spray makeup brush cleaner and sanitiser for your day’s work. It’s easy not to check the bottle and find it’s nearly empty.  Have a back up if needs be.

End of day deep clean: deep clean all your brushes, sponges and powder puffs at the end of the the working day with our specially developed makeup brush and sponge sanitising wash.  It is so important to get into good habits and do this daily.  How easy is it to say… “oh, I’ll do it tomorrow”.  That’s OK, if you are not working the next day, but if you’re a busy pro, never go to bed without cleaning your kit and putting it away with respect. It’s like going to bed with your makeup on – you just know you should not do it.

240ml bottle makeup brush cleaner instant spray

Quick-dry makeup brush cleaner and sanitiser by The Pro Hygiene Collection is a must have for professional makeup artists

Here’s a quick video on our quick-dry makeup brush cleaner and sanitiser spray.  240ml and 100ml sizes available along with 1 litre refills.

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