Never soak your makeup brushes!

When training as a professional makeup artists, cleaning and sanitising all your brushes, sponges, tools, accessories and products is the number one hygiene protocopl along with clean and sanitised hands.

And, having been in the industry ourselves and know how time consuming cleaning up between each and every client can be and at the end of each working day, sometimes a short cut to a deep shampoo cleanse can appear very attractive when faced with lots of makeup brushes.

Time and time again, we see on social media and on blogs, makeup brushes being left to “soak” in water – with or without a special makeup brush shampoo.

It’s a real no-no for any one who wants to look after their makeup brushes as it’s a sure fire way to ruin them and send them to an early grave.

Why? Simple really.

  • By soaking the brushes in water for any length of time affects the glue that sits in the furule and holds the tight end of the brush into the ferrule and onto the top of the wooden or medal brush handle.
  • After time, the brush hairs will start to fall our, the odd one now and again leaving streaks and annoying hairs on your face, eyes and lips and then the bristles start to come out in clumps.
  • Soaking them also affects natural hair follicles and will in turn affect their performance.

Makeup brushes are expensive and for makeup artists, they are the tools of their craft which out which, the magic does not happen, so regardless if you are a pro artist or just a makeup wearer with half a dozen favourite makeup brushes – take our advice and look after then.  They will love you for it.



When using a makeup brush shampoo to deep clean your makeup brushes, never pour the liquid directly onto the bristles.  Pour into your hand or onto a brush mat, add a little warm water, wet the bristles and then start cleaning.    Your shampoo will go further and be more effecient.   Always rinse in clean water (never in a bowl of water which you have used to clean your brushes). Squeeze excess water before patting dry with a clean towel or paper towel and then air dry.  And, remember, always point your makeup head down so the water runs away from the furrule.

Antonia Hawke

Founder & Creator, The Pro Hygiene Collection

brush egg with makeup brush cleaner by The Pro Hygiene Collection

The Pro Hygiene Collection makeup brush cleaners deep clean and sanitise makeup brushes and sponges helping to reduce breakouts and minimise cross-contamination

Silicone “brush eggs” or brush mats come in all shapes, colours and sizes these days and are really handy when shampooing makeup brushes as they help get deep into the bristles to breakdown the pigments and oils within makeup. 

The large mats are really handy for professional makeup artists as we have found you can easily clean a couple of brushes as the same time – a great time saver after a day’s work and when you have a lot of brushes to deep clean and dry.



Dual clean and sanitise makeup brush hygiene routine is quick and easy with The Pro Hygiene Collection’s range of proven, super-effective cleaning and sanitising makeup brush cleaning products.

Daily spot cleaning and sanitising for makeup brushes (super-quick, no time to dry)
Frequency – every day and between each and every use especially when using a range of products and colours.

Washing/shampoo (time to dry/shampoo (time to dry) –
Frequency – makeup sponges
– between each and every use with our sponge and makeup brush wash.
Frequency – makeup brushes –
twice a week (if using every day) for deep cleaning and conditioning.


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