Please recycle our bottles in your plastic recycling bin

Here at TPHC HQ we love our plant and all that lives on it (we are big animal lovers too), so we wanted to let you know that we are continuing our efforts to support the health of our planet by ensuring we reduce the use of single-use plastic in our packaging and products whether bottles or using biodegradable packaging for our range of eco-friendly makeup disposables.  We are currently reviewing all our bottle packaging and whilst they are today made of recyclable plastic, we are actively working with our bottle manufactures to change our bottles to PCR (post-consumer recycled resin) bottles.

We’ll keep you posted, but meanwhile, our bottles should be placed in the plastic recyclable bin with the caps and lids on as this means that they can be recycled more easily as processes and technologies do vary across the UK for lids and caps.  Our range of bamboo makeup disposables are from sustainable resources and come in biodegradable packaging as do our new 100% biodegradable cotton buds which are packaged in FSC cardboard boxes.

We know we can do more, nor just at work but at home too, in caring for our planet and we will continue to actively introducing more green, eco-friendly and biodegradable options to support our commitment to caring for our plant and for each other.


taking care of our planet for future generations

Taking greater care of our plant for our future generations