Disposable economy synthetic lip/eye liner & concealer applicator (25 per pack) 85mm


Disposable economy synthetic lip/eye liner and councillor applicator brush (25 per pack) 85mm. Quick and easy to use disposable, single-use synthetic lip/eye liner applicator.

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Disposable economy synthetic lip/eye liner and concealer applicator (pack of 25) 85 mm. Quick and easy to use disposable, single-use synthetic lip applicator which is perfect for studio use, makeup educators, pro artists.  Excellent value for retailers for product testing.

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 240 × 110 × 20 mm

Product FAQs

Luscious Lips!
Lovely lips – yes please! Crafting the perfect red pout is a true skill and the sign of an expert makeup artist. And with the TPHC Collection of single-use/disposable lip brushes and applicators, you can craft beautiful looking lips without the worry of cross-contamination. The only decision is the colour and finish – satin, sheer, matte….. Topollino lips here we come! Glossy gorgeous lips made easy with our smooth chic applicators. No one wants the herpes virus or any other nasty diseases from dirty lip cosmetics, unclean brushes and lots of double-dipping!

“Double-dipping” defeats the purpose of using a single-use/disposable applicator or brush and it is a term that all professional makeup artists and beauty professionals should be aware of. It means to reload the lip stick/lip gloss (or other colour cosmetic such as mascara or eyeliner) with product by dipping it into the tube a second time (or more than once). A lip gloss tube will be overrun with bacteria within six months and earlier if used daily by professionals! When you buy a new lip gloss, cut off the applicator and throw it away, then you will never forget to use a disposable lip gloss applicator for your clients. Don’t be tempted to transfer something you or your client will never forget – herpes simplex will be there long after the colour has gone.


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