Quick-dry Makeup Brush Cleaner & Sanitiser Spray by The Pro Hygiene Collection®


Quick-dry, makeup brush cleaner.  Cleans and sanitises makeup brushes. Kills 99.99% of bacteria. Easy to use.

For use on natural and synthetic makeup brushes and makeup applicators including mascara wands, lip gloss, concealer, brow and eyeliner brush-type applicators.

For daily use to help maintain good skin health reducing breakouts.  Improves makeup application and cares for makeup brushes.

Proven, professional and high-performance. Trusted and used by international beauty brands and makeup artists. Vegan and cruelty-free.


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Quick-dry Makeup Brush Cleaner by The Pro Hygiene Collection® is a super-fast and effective spray cleaner and sanitiser for natural and synthetic makeup brushes and makeup applicators including mascara brushes, lip gloss, concealer, brow and eyeliner brush-type applicators.

Our specially-designed formula cleans makeup brushes and applicators by removing makeup product residue including oils and highly pigmented products from deep red lipsticks to long-wear and waterproof mascara and gel products as well as sticky lip gloss, concealers, powders, creams and full coverage foundations.

Not only does it clean, but it sanitises brushes by killing 99.99% of bacteria within 60 seconds, leaving brushes fresh and hygienically clean.

Benefits of cleaning and sanitising your makeup brushes regularly
–  defence in preventing infection
– eliminates germs from makeup brushes reducing cross-contamination
– prevents reintroduction of germs, oils and dead skin cells to cleansed and prepped skin
– helps prevent clogged pores and congestion leading to breakouts and acne
– extends the life of your makeup brushes
– improves makeup brush precision for better application.

For use on natural and synthetic makeup brushes and makeup applicators including mascara wands, lip gloss, concealer, brow and eyeliner brush-type applicators. Specially- developed quick-dry formula allows for super easy use whether as a professional makeup artist or for home and on-the-go use. Quick-dry and easy to use spray.  No oily residue. Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

How Many Sprays/Uses (approximately)
240ml = 1,200,100ml = 500
Packaging & Size Options
Bottle and cap recyclable.
100ml and 250ml.
Made in the UK.


Additional information

Weight 240 g
Dimensions 260 × 120 × 60 mm
Size ml

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Alcohol denat, aqua (water), isopropyl myristate, citrus medica limonum (lemon) fruit oil, limonene, citral, linalool, geraniol.

How to Store
Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Keep cap and top tightly closed when not in use.
For external use only. Keep out of eyes and wounds. Highly flammable. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from sources of ignition. No smoking.

Product FAQs

I have some old, but favourite makeup brushes – is the Quick-dry Makeup Brush Cleaner OK to use on all my brushes?
Yes, our quick-drying brush cleaner works on both natural hair and man-made synthetic brushes.  Just follow the instructions and it will cleanse and sanitise your brushes.

Can I use your brush cleaner on my mascara brushes and lip gloss applicators?
Yes, you can, but before you do, please wipe off all excess product residue from the applicator brush before using the makeup brush cleaner.  Ensure you let the brushes dry completely before using.  By regularly cleaning your lip gloss, mascara and applicators that come with products such as concealar and liner, you will reduce the risk of cross-contamination and also get better application due to less build up of product.

I can’t remember the last time I cleaned my makeup brushes – does it really make a difference?
Yes.  We were shocked to learn that over 70% of women have never cleaned their makeup brushes.  Just think of all the bacteria lurking, let alone the dirty, dried out makeup that will affect the quality of application – yuck.

I don’t use all my makeup brushes daily, how often should I clean them?
Like your makeup, if you don’t use a certain brush for a few weeks, but have left it out on your dressing table, in the bathroom or in your makeup bag, it will become contaminated just because it’s open to the air or touching other products you are using daily and that means it does need cleaning.

Clean and sanitise your personal makeup brushes regularly and that usually means daily between each use especially when you are using a cream product, like foundation, concealer or lipstick, or dark eye shadows and gels.  By cleaning your brushes after use, you will avoid cross-contamination and transferring products and mix up colours. Just because you can’t see germs on your brushes and lipstick, doesn’t mean they’re not there!

If you are a professional makeup artist, you must clean your brushes between each client.

Can’t I just wash my brushes in soap and warm water?
Yes, you can, but this won’t remove all pigments, oils and product residue and The Pro Hygiene Collection® is designed to clean, condition and sanitise.  Our Quick-dry Makeup Brush Cleaner kills 99.99% of bacteria and fungi.

How to Use/Video


The Pro Hygiene Collection® Quick-dry Makeup Brush Cleaner cleans and sanitises natural and synthetic makeup brushes by removing product residue, oil and pigments and kills 99.99% of bacteria within 60 seconds.

Step 1 Spray Makeup Brush Cleaner directly onto makeup brush from 15cm, holding the brush over tissue or kitchen towel.
Step 2 Wipe brush on tissue. For natural hair brushes wipe the brush in the direction of hair follicles so as not to damage the brush. Continue wiping brush until all makeup residue is removed.
Step 3 You may need to repeat steps 1 and 2 for larger brushes or deeper pigments but be careful not to over-soak brushes.
Step 4 Leave brushes for a few minutes until completely dry before using again as normal.

Tips & Advice

We are often asked the difference between “cleaning makeup brushes” and “sanitising makeup brushes” and why do we have two makeup brush cleaner products?  Surely they do the same thing?

Both good questions, but no, our quick-dry makeup brush cleaner spray and our makeup brush and sponge wash are very different products and do different things.

Here’s our quick and easy guide to cleaning and sanitising your makeup brushes and by doing so, you not only extend the life of your lovely brushes and get a far better makeup application but, just as importantly, you help reduce of the risk of infections

What is makeup brush cleaning?
Cleaning your makeup brushes means removing all makeup product residue from makeup brushes whether foundation, eyeshadow, highlighters, liners so there is no product left on the bristles.  In other words, your brushes should be free from all makeup products – from liquids to powders, creams to gels.

By cleaning your brushes, not only do you look after your often expensive beauty tools, but it means you get better application as you are not applying fresh products onto of the top of old makeup (think dried gels and creams, dark shadows when you want to apply a light highlighter).

In addition, and really importantly, you will be removing dead skin cells and oils that contribute to bacteria build up on your makeup brushes and, when left on brushes,  make a perfect breeding ground for germs.  Click here to watch our short video on cleaning makeup brushes and sponges with our specially formulated shampoo.

What is makeup brush sanitising?
Washing makeup brushes will clean off the makeup product residue and makes the brushes feel clean, but you need to sanitise your makeup brushes too. Research has proven that our makeup sponges and our makeup brushes are breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus and it’s so important not only to clean, but to sanitise your brushes in order to keep bacteria and viruses at bay from your brushes and to avoid cross-contamination that can lead to a range of nasty infections.  Here’s our short video guide to using our quick-dry antibacterial makeup brush cleaner and sanitiser.

Our products are designed to help keep makeup and beauty clean and fun by quickly and easily taking away the risks poor makeup and beauty hygiene can bring.


Makeup & Beauty Hygiene Essential Guide

Makeup brushes need cleaning regularly and sanitising daily.  We recommend our “dual makeup brush keep it clean regime” and here’s why.

Cleaning and sanitising makeup brushes is an essential part of your daily beauty routine and should not be considered “just for professional makeup artists”.  The facts are clear, poor makeup and beauty hygiene can cause viral and bacterial infections including conjunctivitis, blepharitis, impetigo, ringworm and the cold sore virus.

Why would you cleanse and treat your skin with your daily beauty regime products, only to apply makeup with contaminated brushes or makeup?  Why would you reintroduce germs and bacteria to your skin, eyes and lips?  Skin irritation and pore congestion leading to blackheads and breakouts are just some of the consequences of not cleaning your makeup brushes regularly.  Your skin health and complexion is compromised and particularly so if you suffer from acne or have sensitive skin.  Why risk it?

dual clean and sanitise makeup brush hygiene routine is quick and easy with The Pro Hygiene Collection’s range of proven, super-effective cleaning and sanitising makeup brush cleaning products.  Follow our simple guide below to avoid unnecessary breakouts, look after your brushes and achieve a better makeup application.

Daily spot cleaning and sanitising for makeup brushes (super-quick, no time to dry)
Frequency – every day and between each and every use especially when using a range of products and colours.
What to use – Quick-Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray (cleaning and sanitising)

Washing/shampoo (time to dry)
Frequency – makeup sponges
 – between each and every use with our sponge and makeup brush wash.
Frequency – makeup brushes –
 two/three times a week (if using every day) for deep cleaning and conditioning.
What to use – Makeup Brush & Sponge Sanitising Wash (deep clean with hot water and allow time to dry – never dry on radiators).

Behind The Scenes at TPHC HQ

Goodness, where do you start with our fabulous Quick-dry Makeup Brush Cleaner AND SANITISER spray?  Well, it was our first product off the production line and all those years ago, we were thrilled to be on counter (and still are) with our first international makeup brand when we launched.  A good and effective makeup brush cleaner that not only cleans – as in removes all makeup residue from oils and deep cream pigments, to long-wear dried gels and creams is every makeup artist’s “must have”- but should sanitise brushes too.

We tried and tested many variations in development and when, and only when, we were happy that it would do the job at hand, did we press “go”.  Don’t just take our word for it, look around and see just how many beauty professionals, international makeup brands and makeup artists use The Pro Hygiene Collection® Quick-dry Makeup Brush Cleaner. So, yes, just a little bit proud.  We love the fact it also sanitises and, unlike many other brush cleaners around, it smells great too.  Any questions, just drop us a line as we love to hear from you.  Click here.


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