Frequently asked questions about our quick dry makeup brush cleaner & sanitiser spray

Here’s some frequently asked questions about our fabulous cleaning and sanitising quick-dry makeup brush cleaner spray.

      I have some old, but favourite makeup brushes – is the quick-dry makeup brush cleaner OK to use on all my brushes?
A1.      Yes, our quick-drying brush cleaner works on both natural hair and man-made synthetic brushes.  Just follow the instructions and it will cleanse and sanitise your brushes.  By using The Pro Hygiene Collection’s® quick dry makeup brush cleaner  daily, not only do you look after your precious makeup brushes by extending their life, but you take care of your skin.  By keeping your makeup brushes clean and sanitised, you help reduce cross-contamination and nasty bacterial and fungal infections that can lead to skin irritation and breakouts.

Q2.      I can’t remember the last time I cleaned my makeup brushes – does it really make a difference?
A2.       Yes.  We were shocked to learn that so many women have never cleaned their makeup brushes. And those who do, only do it every couple of months.  Just think of all the bacteria lurking, let alone the dirty, dried out makeup that will affect the quality of application – yuck.  It’s scientifically proven that unclean makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria.

Why would you cleanse, tone and moisturise your face in the morning and then contaminate your skin with unseen nasties lurking on your makeup brushes and makeup.  Our makeup brush cleaner formula has been specially-developed for makeup brushes to dissolve makeup products effectively, whether liquids, gels, powders, creams or pigments, but gently – so taking care of your brushes and you.  Our quick-dry makeup brush cleaner is proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and that’s just one of the reasons so many international beauty and colour cosmetics brands trust us.  Our products deliver high performance and really do what they say on the tin.

Q3.      I don’t use all my makeup brushes daily, how often should I clean them?
A3.       Like your makeup, if you don’t use a certain brush for a few weeks, but have left it out on your dressing table, in the bathroom or in your makeup bag, it will become contaminated just because it’s open to the air or touching other products you are using daily and that means it does need cleaning and sanitising.

Clean and sanitise your everyday makeup brushes between each use with our quick-dry makeup brush cleaner and sanitiser spray (it takes no time we promise). When using the same makeup brush with a number of different products, you will need to clean them between each product change otherwise you’ll get dark smokey eye colours mixed with your highlighter.  Remember, just because you can’t see germs on your brushes and lipstick, doesn’t mean they’re not there!  Cleaning and sanitising your brushes daily does make a difference.

Q4.      Can’t I just wash my brushes in soap and warm water?
A4.       Yes, you can, but this won’t remove all pigments, oils and product residue and The Pro Hygiene Collection® is designed to clean and sanitise.  The Pro Hygiene Collection® quick-dry Makeup Brush Cleaner will kill 99.99% of bacteria and fungi. 


makeup brush cleaner by The Pro Hygiene Collection

The quick-dry spray formula cleans and sanitises makeup brushes quickly and effectively

240ml bottle makeup brush cleaner instant spray

Wipe your makeup brush on a clean kitchen towel working the makeup out of the brush. Repeat spray until squeaky clean