The Pro Hygiene Collection – not just for professional makeup artists

We love the fact that The Pro Hygiene Collection® is used and seen on many international beauty brands’ beauty counters including the likes of  Charlotte Tilbury and Huda here in the UK and internationally.  It’s because we are a trusted and effective makeup hygiene range, designed by professionals for super-effective performance.  We are proud that our products do what they say on the tin.

Whilst our long-standing professional and corporate clients are very familiar with The Pro Hygiene Collection® as it’s the essential range for keeping clients, products, tools and works areas hygienically clean and we are the “come to brand” for all things beauty hygiene, makeup users should definitely being using the range as part of a daily makeup hygiene routine.

Our MUA Hygiene Box a fantastic way to get all of essential makeup hygiene products in one handy box and at 40% saving against RRP, what’s not to love.  But as a starter kit try our value kit of all our 240ml products, it’s a great way to start you safe beauty hygiene journey.

Here’s our simple guide to better makeup hygiene.

1. Never share makeup – it’s a real no-no.
2. Always wash your hands before applying your skin care and makeup.
3. Wash and sanitise your makeup brushes regularly – that means between every use.  Not does this mean you are reducing the risk of infection, but you are going to achieve a much better application from your tools since there will be no product residue lurking on brushes and applicators.  Click to read our guide on makeup brush cleansing and sanitising. There’s a difference and you need to do both.


makeup brush cleaner by The Pro Hygiene Collection

The Pro Hygiene Collection is for everyone who wears makeup - helps protect your health, quick and easy to use

makeup brush cleaner by The Pro Hygiene Collection

Your makeup brushes need cleaning and sanitising between each and every use

declutter your makeup bag

Declutter, clean and sanitise your makeup bag twice a month

4. Sanitise your makeup regularly – it’s quick, simple and has real benefits.  Learn more here with our easy guide to sanitising your makeup products.
5. Makeup sponges need to be washed and sanitised between each and every use. If you don’t, you run the risk of applying bacteria and fugus back onto you clean, prepped skin .
6. Clean up your makeup packaging regularly.
7. Cull your makeup – if it doesn’t look or smell right, then it’s probably way over its safe to use date.
8. Declutter your makeup bag – you’ll be suprised at what’s lurking beneath the lip gloss.
9. Clean and sanitise your personal make up regularly – at least twice a month.  Wash in hot water or wipe down with our antibacterial surface cleaner.
10.  Use your common sense.  We’re not wanting to take away the fun and joy that makeup brings, just the risks.