Here at TPHC HQ, we like to think that you can ask us anything about our fabulous range of products and that includes The Pro Hygiene Collection and all our tools and accessories as well as anything about makeup, beauty and hygiene.  After all, we believe #CleanIsBeautiful.

The Pro Hygiene Collection® Antibacterial Makeup Spray – FAQ
Q1.      Does the Antibacterial Makeup Spray work on all my makeup including mascara?
A1.       The fabulous Antibacterial Makeup Spray works on gels, creams, pencils, powders (loose and pressed), lipstick bullets and palettes of lip colours.  We do not recommend you use it on mascara.

Here are our top tips on keeping mascara bug free – (1) never share your mascara and (2) replace your mascara regularly (3) respect the shelf life of your products and (4) have a range of disposable mascara wands for clients and never “double-dip” your disposables.

Q2.      How long does the Antibacterial Makeup Spray last once you have sprayed your makeup?
A2.       We recommend you spray your makeup products after use and then your products will stay sanitized until you use them again as the Antibacterial Makeup Spray not only kills 99.99% of bacteriabut also stops the regrowth of germs.  Perhaps you have a favourite summer bronzer which only comes out in the spring/summer, so before you put it away for the winter, spritz the bronzer and it will be safe until you use it next season.  It’s a bit like putting your winter woollies away safely to ensure the moths don’t eat them!

Q3.      How often should I disinfect my makeup with the Antibacterial Makeup Spray?
A3.       If you use certain makeup products daily/weekly, use the spray at least once a week.  
If you are a makeup artist or perhaps you think your sister, daughter, friend or flatmate is sharing your makeup, use before and after you use your products. As a makeup artist, you would definitely use the Antibacterial Makeup Spray between every client and after big events.

Q4.      Are you sure that the Antibacterial Makeup Spray won’t damage my favourite blusher and eye shadow?
A4.       The products have all be developed and tested by ourselves, industry experts and by an independent laboratory and results prove that it does what it says on the tin by effectively killing 99.99% of bacteria without affecting product performance if used correctly.

Q5.      How do I use the Antibacterial Makeup Spray on my lipstick?
A5.       Spritz as per instructions, wait 45 seconds and wipe over with a clean tissue.  Do not use on lip gloss.

Our top tips for using the Antibacterial Makeup Spray:
(1) follow instructions
(2) use the spray sparingly and never over-soak products
(3) ensure you wipe the residue off the packaging immediately after spraying (4) ensure to wait until the spray has dried and disappeared into the products before use
(5) not for use on makeup brushes.

The Pro Hygiene Collection® Makeup Brush Cleaner – FAQ 
Q1.      I have some old, but favourite makeup brushes – is the Makeup Brush Cleaner OK to use on all my brushes?
Q2.      Yes, our quick-drying brush cleaner works on both natural hair and man-made synthetic brushes.  Just follow the instructions and it will cleanse and sanitize your brushes.

Q2.      I can’t remember the last time I cleaned my makeup brushes – does it really make a difference?
A2.       Yes.  We were shocked to learn that over 70% of women have never cleaned their makeup brushes.  Just think of all the bacteria lurking, let alone the dirty, dried out makeup that will affect the quality of application – yuck.

Q3.      I don’t use all my makeup brushes daily, how often should I clean them?
A3.       Like your makeup, if you don’t use a certain brush for a few weeks, but have left it out on your dressing table, in the bathroom or in your makeup bag, it will become contaminated just because it’s open to the air or touching other products you are using daily and that means it does need cleaning.
Clean your personal makeup brushes at least once a week and when you are using a cream product, like foundation, concealer or lipstick, or dark eye shadows and gels, clean after every use otherwise you will transfer products and mix up colours. Just because you can’t see germs on your brushes and lipstick, doesn’t mean they’re not there!

If you are a professional makeup artist, you must clean your brushes between each client.

Q4.      Can’t I just wash my brushes in soap and warm water?
A4.       Yes, you can, but this won’t remove all pigments, oils and product residue and The Pro Hygiene Collection® is designed to clean, condition and sanitize.  The Makeup Brush Cleaner will kill 99.99% of bacteria and fungi. 

The Pro Hygiene Collection® Makeup Brush & Sponge Sanitizing Wash – FAQ
Q1.      You have the Makeup Brush Cleaner and the Makeup Brush & Sponge Sanitizing Wash – what’s the difference?
A1.       The Makeup Brush Cleaner is a spray that kills 99.99% of bacteria and can be used on the move.  It dries very quickly.  The Makeup Brush & Sponge Sanitizing Wash needs to be used with warm running water and is like a super-clean shampoo specially designed for your makeup brushes, sponges and puffs.  It was developed to remove tough formulas such as silicone and heavy cream based products such as concealer and lipstick. Makeup and beauty professionals need to clean brushes between clients and like to “wash brushes end of day” – so both products do the job at hand.

Q2.      How much of the liquid do I need to clean my brushes?
A2.       Start with a small amount the size of a ten pence piece – it will depend on the size of your brush, how dirty it is, whether it is natural or synthetic and what products you have been using with the brush.  Just follow the instructions and repeat as necessary.

Q3.      Does the formula remove all products?
A3.       Yes – the formula was developed using everyday makeup we all wear and also professional products for screen and stage such as foundation with silicone and long wear eyeliners that “dry” hard onto brushes as well as heavily pigmented creams and gels.

Q4.      Can I use it the Makeup Brush & Sponge Sanitizing Wash on both natural and synthetic brushes?
A4.       Yes – safe for both.  Remember never to soak your brushes as soaking destroys the glue around the feral and the handle.

Q5.      Do I need to use water to clean my brushes?
A5.       Yes, best to use warm clean running water.  You could use a bowl of water, but by using running water, you can see when the brush, sponge of puff is completely clean as the water will be free from colour residue.

Q6.      Once I have cleaned my brushes, can I use them immediately?
A6.       You need to let the brushes dry naturally and drying time depends on whether natural or synthetic.  Follow the instructions and ensure you squeeze excess water out and let the head of the brush hang over the edge so air can get all around the brush head.  Never dry artificially.

The Pro Hygiene Collection® Hand Sanitizing Gel – FAQ
Q1.      Do I need to wash my hands with running water like a soap?
A1.       No, the formula is a no-rinse sanitizing gel, so you simply rub into your hands until it’s absorbed.  It works quickly, but don’t use too much. 

Q2.      My hands are really dirty, should I wash beforehand to remove the grease, oil or makeup residue?
A2.       The formula is for sanitizing and kills 99.99% of bacteria within 60 seconds, but won’t remove debris on your hands.  Either wash your hands or use a wipe to remove the residue and then you can sanitize them.

Q3.      How long should I wait after using the Hand Sanitizing Gel before applying makeup to myself or someone else?
A3.       Make sure the gel has been well rubbed in between your fingers, around your nails and has dried completely.  You only need a small amount of the gel and we suggest up to a minute to ensure that the Hand Sanitizing Gel has done its job and killed 99.99% of bacteria.

The Pro Hygiene Collection® All In One Makeup Remover – FAQ
Q1       I have really super-sensitive skin, especially around the eyes – has the All In One Makeup Remover been tested independently?
A1.       The All In One Makeup Remover was tested by an independent lab on both women and men for very sensitive skin and eyes and the results showed no irritation at all.

Q2.      Is there any fragrance or dye in the formula?
A2.       No, the formula is 100% fragrance and dye free which is why it is so good for those with sensitive skin.

Q3.      Why do I need to shake once before using?
A3.       The All In One Makeup Remover really does remove even long wear makeup, water-proof mascara and strong pigments and that requires a two part formula that needs to be gently mixed before use by turning the bottle upside down once.  If the formula is not mixed, it won’t be as effective.

Q4.      Does it really remove even long wear makeup without rubbing?
A4.       Yes, the All In One Makeup Remover formula was based on being able to remove five incredibly hard-to-remove/long wear products used by professionals.  And it does what it says on the tin.  Just follow the instructions.

Above are some of the questions we have been asked about the Collection, but if you have any other questions, just email us at

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