Good makeup hygiene matters

It is often said that if you can’t find what you want, you create or design it yourself.  That’s true with The Pro Hygiene Collection®.  The range was designed for a very specific purpose and with the following mission.

“We make it simple to keep beauty brands, clients and makeup users professionally and hygienically clean.  Makeup and beauty is a pleasure, let’s make sure it’s never a worry.”

We’ve come a long way since 2009, but our founder, Antonia Hawke, was determined to create and deliver professional, quality, effective makeup and beauty hygiene products that not only did want they said on the tin but supported the beauty sector and every day makeup wearers with an easy-to-use range, made in the UK.  And so, The Pro Hygiene Collection® was born.

Makeup? Risks? Really?

The very nature of makeup and beauty tools, including makeup brushes and makeup sponges, provide prime breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus. Research over the years has confirmed this and only last year, Birmingham Aston University’s research clearly proved in detail how used and uncleaned makeup and makeup sponges gave rise to a range of bacteria and fungus.  In addition, research in the States also showed how beauty counter tester samples harboured a range of bacterial loads from e-coli to fungal organisms.

We are living in different times with the covid pandemic and our awareness for the need for good hand hygiene to avoid cross-contamination is at an all time high.  Makeup brands and beauty professionals have excellent hygiene protocols and we are delighted that so many international colour cosmetics companies use The Pro Hygiene Collection®, but what about consumers who wear makeup?



“We don’t want to take away any of the fun…. we just want to take away the risks”

The cross-contamination cycle is no different for makeup wears.  Because we all understand instinctively the health damage that cross-contamination can wreak, yet with makeup, most consumers are blissfully unaware of the dangers of cross-contamination.  Anything goes … brush to face, brush to makeup, hands to eyes, hands to sponges, lips to lipstick –  the contamination cycle is extensive and is multiplied whenever makeup is shared.

First think about where it goes.  Around sensitive eyes, into the moist corners of the mouth, onto facial skin, which as we know, is semi-permeable and thinner than body skin.  Now think about the micro-organisms that can transfer through makeup use, breed on on the product, and contaminate brushes, applicators and makeup products.

The Pro Hygiene Collection

The Pro Hygiene Collection® a professional range of effective, trusted beauty and makeup hygiene products, tools and accessories

The Pro Hygiene Collection

Research confirms that makeup and makeup tools are a breeding ground for bacteria

Herpes simplex virus easily passed on through sharing makeup and makeup brushes

Sharing makeup and brushes can lead to cross-contamination including herpes simplex virus

eco-friendly disposable makeup tools and accessories

Nasty eye infections caused by cross-contamination through poor makeup hygiene

These are just a few of the health problems poor makeup and beauty hygiene can cause.

Conjunctivitis: a viral infection of the eye, easily transferred by mascara wands, eyeliner pens and pencils as well makeup brushes.
Blepharitis: nasty bacterial inflammation of the eyelid. Again easily transferred to the eye area by contaminated, out of date eye makeup products and applicators from mascara wands to bacteria infused makeup brushes.
Impetigo: a staphylococcus infection easily transferred through unclean and unsanitised makeup brushes and applicators.
Ringworm: not a worm, but a fungus that multiples rapidly in products such as blusher and eyeshadow.
Herpes simplex: the high-contagious cold sore virus, easily transferred by contaminated lip products from lip gloss to lipsticks as well lip pencils and brushes.

“I believe very strongly that our products and services are not about taking away any of the fun and glamour of the beauty industry nor the feel good factor and sheer joy that beauty and makeup brings to many people. I love the way a red lipstick makes me feel and cannot think about being stranded on a desert island without my favourite waterproof mascara and lip balm, but I just want to take away the risks. 

“The Pro Hygiene Collection® is easy to use, quick and effective and I am proud that so many international beauty and colour cosmetics brands use the range today.  These experts and our many professional makeup artist users know how important client and staff hygiene protocol is and they trust The Pro Hygiene Collection® as it delivers”.


Antonia Hawke

Founder & Creator, The Pro Hygiene Collection