Winter’s on its way – a few tips to help in the darker days

We are nearing winter here in the UK and winter is on its way so that means the heating’s on too.  With the pandemic and darker nights, we are spending more and more time indoors, so it’s worth trying to make the most of the darker days and especially right now with the limitations we all face.  Little actions can go a long way.  So here are a few easy ideas to make the days go by a little better and help with mental and physical well-being.

Firstly and most importantly – if you can, get out in day light.  You need at least about 20 minutes of day light in the weaker winter-strength sunshine.  We all know just how depressing the shorter colder days can be.  It is a challenging time, so if you can, get out, stay safe and ensure you follow the pandemic guidelines.  A short walk around the block, to the park will help clear the cobwebs and reset for the rest of the day.

Waking up when it’s darker is always tough.  We really hate it as our body clocks just don’t get the dark!  There are some great value day light wake up lights, so if you can, it’s worth investing in one (or add one on your Christmas list if you really suffer with the dark days).  They have different settings and wake your body up naturally to the day light from the lamp.  Much better than having the shock of the alarm going off in the dark.

If you are working from home, and are able, make sure you have a proper work area and “go to work.  Its really important to take a break for a coffee or tea and also a lunch break.  Lunch time is the perfect time right now to get out for a half an hour walk and a bit of fresh air.

get out for a walk in autumn

Get out and about for a walk and daylight. For for mental and physical health and critical in darker winter days to get some sunlight

Keep hydrated and we’re not talking just drinking tea and coffee.  Water, water, water for your body and brain and ensure you’re looking after your skin from the outside too.  Moisturising is important especially with the heating on – your face, hands, feet, knees and elbows all need to be kept well moisturised.  It’s easy to forget or not bother in the winter months when we are wearing more clothes and layers.

Look after your skin.  It’s easy to forget to cleanse your face at night if you’ve not been out or put on any makeup.  But it’s really important.  Our new micellar cleanser water has just hit the shop and it’s fantastic. Value too as only £11.99 for 500ml and a little goes a long way. Why not treat yourself or a friend. There’s free UK shipping on all orders over £50.00, so you could stock up with a few beauty hygiene essentials too.  Why not take the time to give your makeup brushes a well earned deep clean and sanitise?  Use our makeup brush and sponge deep cleaning shampoo and allow the brushes and sponges to dry overnight before spritzing your brushes with our antibacterial quick-dry makeup brush cleaner to give them an extra sanitise.  Will make you feel great and your brushes and sponges will love your for it, so will your skin.

Enjoy the odd treat – even if it’s just a favourite ice cream with a movie or while watching your favourite soap.  When our beauty salons are open again, there’s nothing like a winter pedicure.  Just because our feet our hidden in socks and boots at the moment, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be looked after.  And isn’t there something really uplifting about seeing pretty feet with joyful nail polish on dark winter nights.  Even if it’s only you who sees them in the bath and shower!

A summer glow is not just for summer.  A light glow from your favourite fake tan is a great way to give yourself a boost during the winter months.  And don’t forget to give your body, hands and face a good old-fashioned scrub before applying your fake tan.  There are some great moisturising gradual tanning lotions on the market today and are brilliant for a lighter, gentler golden tone.

And lastly, do something kind each day for someone else.  A smile (even with a face mask on your eyes can show your care), a nod, check on a neighbour, smell the air, feed the birds or simply call and speak to someone you have lost touch with.  These things matter right now and will help all us get through the next few months.